Female-To-English Dictionary
(Abridged Version, For Men Only) by Doctor Nick Shoveen
An annotated guide to interpreting and manipulating the female thought processes


The very wise and learned Doctor Nick Shoveen has been offering unsolicited relationship advice to men for many years. Although it has been difficult to verify his entire background, the publisher does know that he claims to have reveived his Ph.D. at the the ultra-exclusive PacoimaUniversity.com, one of this country's foremost online schools.

Magic Lamp Press has also learned that prior to his release, the doctor ran a Persian rug concession at the now-defunct Fedco store in Van Nuys, California. Author Gene Grossman worked for years translating Shoveen's pencil-written original manuscript from Farsi.

Doctor N. Shoveen currently resides in room 37-a of the Bangkok General Medicine House, where he often recuperates from wounds received in feminist attacks.

Upon his recovery this time, the doctor will continue with his speaking engagements, frequently sponsored by many of the various Gentlemen's Clubs of America.

Watch for him in your town, unless you reside in one of those municipalities that have requested the doctor to never return.

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